About Us


Who We Are

Memories of growing up and learning to hunt with my father shaped the proud Texas dad I am today. I wanted to grow a company that connects outdoorsmen to their craft and offers affordability for everyone. It is my dream to pass on a respect and love for hunting & fishing to future generations, and that's why a family-friendly operation is what we strive to offer.  

We seek, at times, the solace of the majestic outdoors, the thrill of the hunt, and urge for the water. 


What We Do

We arrange hunts for individuals, groups, and corporate events. We will help find you the best rates and give you options based on what you're seeking.

We work to help maximise your business in the Outfitting and Guide Industry. We work with guides, hunters, outfitters, and landowners to help market and sell your hunts and your brand. Please call us to set up a consultation.


Michael Mansfield Founder and CEO

Michael Mansfield is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran. He fostered a love of the great outdoors as a child and has enjoyed hunting and fishing his entire life. He has spent most of his career in business, sales and consulting. Michael lives with his wife, Kasey, and they have two young boys.

Michael Specializes in Upland Game, Whitetail, Axis, Exotics, Dove, Duck and Goose Hunting. 

Our Pro Staff and Guides


William "Doc" Shockley: Pro Staff and Head Guide

Doc is a combat veteran who served in the United States Army as a combat medic. Doc has always fostered a love of hunting and the outdoors as a child and grew up hunting quail and mule deer in Lubbock TX at his families ranch. Every year their entire family goes to the ranch for opening day for Dove Season for a huge family hunt, this is a tradition that he is passing onto his boys. Doc is married to his wife Reagin, and they have 3 sons Jace, Will, and Hunter. Doc Specializes in Dove, Quail, Mule, Whitetail and Axis and Exotics.


Clint Waits: Pro Staff and Guide

Clint comes with over 20 years experience in upland game and hog hunting. Hailing from Georgia and running not only a kennel and guide service, as well as one of the very best pine straw businesses in the south. We are happy to have Clint on board and welcome his knowledge and experience that he shares with all his clients to include celebrity hunters Brittany Boddington, Jeff Kyle and many more. Clint specializes in guided quail hunts, and hog hunting to include night, pursuit, and running dogs for hog hunts.


Sam Hare: Pro Staff and Guide

Born and raised in some of the best wild quail country in the state of Texas. Sam's family can trace his roots that  go back to the republic of Texas, in the early 1800's 

"As far back as I can remember we always had bird dogs. I’ve spent countless hours training dogs and hunting with my grandfather as well as my dad." Now at 45 years old I’m still doing what I and my family have always loved. Sam specializes in tasing and training bird dogs, as well as guided scaled, bobwhite, gambles quail, Pheasants and many different types of Upland Game Birds.