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Who We Are & What We Do

Memories of growing up and learning to hunt with my father shaped the proud Texas dad I am today. I wanted to grow a company that connects outdoorsmen to their craft and offers affordability for everyone. It is my dream to pass on a respect and love for hunting & fishing to future generations, and that's why a family-friendly operation is what we strive to offer.  

We seek, at times, the solace of the majestic outdoors, the thrill of the hunt, and urge for the water. 

We are a South Texas Hunting and Fishing Outfitter, we will find you the best rates and give you options based on what you're seeking. We offer a full service guide and outfitting service, and we specialize in native Texas Whitetail, Dove, Quail, Duck, and Exotics. We look forward to taking you, your clients, friends and relatives out on their next adventure.

For our Landowners, Guides and Outfitters:

TXHCON will work to help maximise your hunting and fishing business in the Outfitting and Guide Industry. We work with guides, professional hunters and personalities, outfitters, and landowners to help market and sell your hunts and your brand. Please call us to set up a consultation.


Mike and Kasey Mansfield: Owners

Michael Mansfield is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran. He fostered a love of the great outdoors as a child and has enjoyed hunting and fishing his entire life. He has spent most of his career in business, sales and consulting. Michael lives with his wife, Kasey, and they have two young boys.

Michael Specializes in Upland Game, Whitetail, Axis, Exotics, Dove, Quail, Waterfowl

You will find most weekends and during part of the year with his friends and family and clients, guiding and hunting. We can not wait to take you on your next adventure. Call and book today.

Kasey graduated with a Bachelor in Psychology and with a concentration in education from University of North Texas, she has been a educator for nearly 10 years with experience in all 3 levels of public education. Kasey is a proud mother and strong advocate for wildlife, an avid salt and fresh water fisherman, and lover of nature she brings a lot of balance and perspective in a male dominated community, and hope to bring awareness for other female hunters and fisherman alike. 

Mike and Kasey have 2 sons named William and Owen

Outfitters, pro staff and guides


William "Doc" Shockley: Professional Guide

Doc is a combat veteran who served in the United States Army as a combat medic. Doc has always fostered a love of hunting and the outdoors as a child and grew up hunting quail and mule deer in Lubbock TX at his families ranch. Every year their entire family goes to the ranch for opening day for Dove Season for a huge family hunt, this is a tradition that he is passing onto his boys. Doc is married to his wife Reagin, and they have 3 sons Jace, Will, and Hunter. Doc Specializes in Dove, Quail, Mule, Whitetail and Axis and Exotics.


Sam Hare: Pro Staff and Guide

Born and raised in some of the best wild quail country in the state of Texas. Sam's family can trace his roots that  go back to the republic of Texas, in the early 1800's 

"As far back as I can remember we always had bird dogs. I’ve spent countless hours training dogs and hunting with my grandfather as well as my dad." Now at 45 years old I’m still doing what I and my family have always loved. Sam specializes in tasing and training bird dogs, as well as guided scaled, bobwhite, gambles quail, Pheasants and many different types of Upland Game Birds.


Clint Waits : Professional Guide

Clint Waits has been breeding and training and guiding bird dogs for over a decade Specializing in upland game and running hog dogs. You will see his years of training and his gorgeous English cockers tear up the fields in Texas and Georgia. A native of Georgia and a  connoisseur of deep sea fishing Clint brings his wealth of knowledge to an amazing field sport and a elegance with it. Having guided some of the top celebrities in the hinting industry and at many top end hinting preserves and ranches we are grateful to have him on our team.

Clint is also the Owner of Long Leaf Kennel and Guide Service.


Justin Nichols: Professional Guide

Justin a native of Baytown Texas and avid salt water fisherman is home not only in the Texas mangroves but as well in the field. 

Having guided everything from exotics, Whitetail to and fishing. He has been a virtual jack of all trades. He states that he loves to prepare his clients trophy’s for processing and or caping. 

We are so happy to have Justin apart of the team.


Chris Flannigan: Owner Winged Republic Outfitters

Chris Flannigan was born and raised in Tennessee, but soon established a home in the great Republic of Texas. He attended Texas State University and gained his passion for hunting from his grandfather, a Sergeant Major and expert marksman in the United States Marine Corps. Chris has been hunting migratory birds over the last 15 years in the Texas regions and has a desire to share this great sport with others.

Chris has an enormous  amount of knowledge in the Migratory Game Birds particularly ducks and dove species. Chris is also in charge of the seasonal dove leasing for TXHCON and WRO. 


Simon Fowler: Owner Wild Places Wild Game

Simon is the outfitter, guide, and host at Wild Places Wild Game. He was born and bred in the South Island of New Zealand and it was inevitable that Simon would develop a passion for hunting, given his families long history as hunters. With over 20 years of hunting experience, he is a true Kiwi (New Zealand) hunter. As well as having an intimate knowledge of South Island wilderness areas, Simon is a skilled and highly experienced hunter whose focus is on safety and enjoyment of the outdoors.